4 Lace Skirts from Princessly

Pencil skirt is the first option for working women, here are three lace made pencil skirts from Princessly for three different age groups of ladies.

The first white lace one with a bow at the front of skirt is a perfect compliment for young lady who are having a sweet personality but slim and taller body. The fish scales of lace is very female to inspire the glory of a lady. If you are someone who loves the mermaid, this one also should in your wardrobe.


Flower patterned lace skirt is perfectly designed for ladies who are charming and  fascinating in appearance and have a strong personality. Every mature lady should have one for their working days wearing in the hot days. We strongly recommended that a pair of black shoes is perfectly match.


The black pencil skirt is flower patterned lace one which is the best choice for mature and aged ladies with youthful heart.


The only one is in A-line from Princessly Lace Skirts. Black lace and a bow decoration, this a-line skirt is elegant enough for girls who are long hair and high heels.



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