Flower Girl Dresses

6 Popular & Adorable Styles for Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls are small but do a big work at the wedding, they are specialized for brides and add luster to the wedding. So most of the brides are very care the flower girls dressing style. They will always pick up the flower girl dresses in advance to match their wedding dresses and the wedding scenes they carefully planed. How is the bridal’s wedding dress style? Which is also determine the flower girl’s? Here we are recommend you 6 6 Popular & Adorable Styles for Flower Girl Dresses to match yours.

1.Feathered Skirt

They looks lush and exuberantly beauty your girls in their way. There is no more decorations on head or others, but still wonderful.


If you want to your girls look more delicate, just do her hairstyle and headdress flower in a simple way like below.


2.A-line Skirt in Pleats

Finest tulle tailoring, white snow princesses the flower girls are.


The leaves weaved green headdress flower adds more elegance and fairy tale to flower girls with their beautiful flower girl dresses. As we all know elegance is the only beauty that never fades. So this style is the most popular one.


3.TUTU Skirt

Perfect style for girls who are nifty and lovey. Just like below:


A little fashionistas i am, right? How adorable i am! I can believe my eyes…Haha

Girls below are playful, hey, don’t dirty your cute flower girl dresses…


4. Tiered Ruffles Skirt

Tiered ruffles flower girl dress is for romantic and energetic wedding scene. And  they are youngest bridals favor.


The cute toddler


5.Tiers Skirt

For tiered wedding dresses, the designers delicate for a perfectly coincident, so the tiered flower girl dresses are appear in the list.


This type can also wear in the usual days.


6.Lace Skirt

Lace is everywhere. Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, formal or informal days wearing, they are always the top opt for fashionable ladies. Now little girls are love them too.


Wow, a toddler is also in lace dress. How common the lace is in dressing.


Maybe it’s not complete but above the 6 styles are most popular and adorable for flower girls.  If you have more  please give me a sign. Thanks.


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