Flower Girl Dresses · Wedding Dresses

How many flower girls do you have in your wedding? 

wedding photos in the green woods.jpg

I have married with a armyman at summer day in the last year. We hold a wedding in a small hotel with simple decoration but memorable. The day i wore my self-custom wedding dress in white tulle made in court train and my husband in black uniform as usual. My hair is in Korean style to match my wedding dress perfectly and very suitable for my personality. And as our tradition, a pair of red shoes was necessary to replace the embroidered green shoes which was put on by my fiance when i left my mother’s home. In my hometown, the embroidered shoes is very important to bridals. The shoes should be made by their mother and the color must be green. If the fiance want to take his bridal leave the girl’s family, he must looking out the both of the green shoes which has be hidden in advance. It’s a tradition be keep by generation and generation.
Here is my embroidered shoes to share with you, do you love it?


I got too much “gossip”, please come back to my wedding flower girls. Maybe somebody like more flower girls to their wedding day but i only have one and the other one is a flower boy to follow. The most important thing is that the flower girl is my niece and the flower boy is my nephew, very meaningful. My niece is dressed up with her prepared flower girl dress. My nephew is T-shirt and short pants in black. They came with me at my left and right accompany with me from the aisle till the wedding ceremony end. So i think the most important is not how many flowers girls but how important flower girl or boy in your life.

One boy, one girl in my day. How about yours? And if you are a girl or boy and will be married in a near future, please carefully think about and discuss here, maybe the visitors will bring you a fairy tale wedding.


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