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Hey Girls, Pay More Attention to The Wedding

Children are artless in the world. To take part in adult’s wedding is their time to amuse themselves with the same age. Most time they are invited to be the flower girls and ring bearers. Here are two little girls be flower girls in same dresses. The taller one is long curled blond hair with a champagne hairdress flower at side. Both of them wearing the same flower girl dresses which are white satin bodice and champagne tulle skirt tailored. The bodice features V-neck, ruffled shoulder straps and sleeveless perfectly blind stitch with the multi-layered skirt. Rustic flower girl pails are hold in their hands prepared for the wedding. Here is the actual images of the girls dresses.

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Each girl are dreamed of their big day. Definitely as a flower girl is the first step to get your inspiration before your day. The beautiful wedding scene, the decorated home, tables, flowers or anything you will see delicately prepared, especially you will be attracted by the bridal’s dressing. Every bride is in elaborately custom wedding dress, that is vintage or fashion, simple or exquisite and even more luxurious, each piece according your personality. To be a flower girl is the first experience to welcome her future wedding day, so effort to prepare is necessary, from hair dressing to a pair of shoes, most important one is the Flower Girl Dress.


Hey girls, what are you talking about? Where is your bride? Don’t only play yourself, the wedding ceremony is ready.

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